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This page was prepared to assist you with creating relevant links to our stores and the products found on The product selection at most Sutherlands® locations is unique to the area they serve. When a visitor browses, they are only viewing pricing and product available at that particular location, which is displayed at the top right corner of each page.

For this reason, a visitor might not find a particular brand or product on our website if it is not available from the selected store. This ensures relevant search results and a less consusing experience for the majority of our visitors who are researching a purchase.

Vendors who supply products to Sutherlands® should either have a link to or include applicable locations in a "Where to Buy" section or Dealer Locator. In return, Sutherlands® provides a link back in our Supplier Web Directory to any supplier with products in a Sutherlands® location. We do not accept third-party link requests for items not found in our stores nor any type of link trading.

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If you have any questions about a custom URL or assistance with determining one, please feel free to Contact Us